Operator Certification System

GEC’s Cert Tracker (CT) software optimizes the process of managing certification of operators of drinking water systems and wastewater facilities, plus related programs such as certified well drillers and pump installers. The application employs web services to connect to other databases, such as using SDWIS to associate public water supplies with their operator. CT contains many flexible features that address the unique ways the certifying authority implements their rules to manage the certification process.

Summary of Benefits
  • Define certification types
  • Establish your agency’s specific certification requirements
  • Customize and configure letters, reports and certification materials
  • Integrate with your agency’s payment processing system
  • Handle all data entry internal to your agency or empower the operators to manage their own certification
  • Audit system to allow the agency to oversee the operator-controlled certification system
  • Track progress towards certification for operator and agency

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