Reports, Evaluations, Compliance, and Processing (RECAP)

The RECAP application was created to help state agencies streamline and improve the speed and accuracy of data used within their agency.

  • Created for basic users and upper management alike
  • Highly accessible and secure enterprise-class software
  • Full range of features built on sound agile development practices
  • Accompanied by RECAP Buddy to assist in ad hoc reporting
REACP Highlights
  • Retrieves data from databases and places it into a data array, which is stored in the cloud
  • Users can view the data through the application report viewer or generate individual report files
  • Data can be downloaded to your device or exported to Microsoft Excel
  • Shortens the time spent to generate reports and letters
  • The user can run one job, one time, in one application and store the data locally
  • Jobs can be run as frequently as desired, granting the user the opportunity to customize the output according to the agency’s needs at the time
  • As part of the RECAP package, RECAP Buddy is a partnered feature that uses Microsoft Access
  • Connects to both local ODBC connections or web services via the GEC portal
  • Ad hoc queries can be designed using both connection types, ensuring quality data results in a timely manner
  • RECAP delivers messages concerning created jobs allowing the user quick access to the data or the ability to download a file
  • Email templates are customizable and can be sent to people within the agency based on permissions
  • Letters and reports can be generated for various audiences using templates
What's Included

GEC has been working with government agencies for over 20 years. We’ll work closely with your agency to make the financial process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We also offer discounts when you subscribe to multiple project-based applications. Here’s what you can expect in your production package each year:

  • Full access to RECAP and RECAP Buddy
  • Continuous improvements and new features
  • Assured compatibility with modernized SDWIS
  • Frequent releases accompanied by solid documentation and live webinar demonstrations
  • High quality cloud hosting including multiple user accounts and all bandwidth required for all users to utilize the system 24x7
  • Ongoing training and support upon request
  • Full access to our community of RECAP users contributing ideas to the complexity of the application

Contact Us to request a demo of our software and allow us to answer any questions.