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Safe Water Information Field Tool (SWIFT Surveys)

SWIFT Surveys is a secure, enterprise-class software solution that helps state agencies transform how they conduct electronic site visits.

  • Assess and monitor the condition of public drinking water facilities
  • Decrease the time and resources needed to complete a survey
  • No more forgotten issues on separate compliance databases
  • Full range of features built on sound agile development practices


Remote site visit feature allows the PWS to participate in a sanitary survey or Level 1 Assessment

SWIFT Surveys Highlights
Automate / Streamline
  • Empowers inspectors to handle all their survey needs in one place with no need for paper documentation
  • Decrease the time and resources needed to complete a survey
  • Works fluidly online and offline; it’s accessible whether you have strong Internet access or not
  • Create customizable site visit inspection templates, triggering a survey checklist which guides the inspector through what needs to be inspected for the individual water system
  • Streamlined and organized in a user-friendly way so the inspector only sees what’s assigned and completes tasks in as few button clicks as necessary
  • Supervisors and managers are able to validate that survey details meet agency standards and EPA regulations
  • Communicates with SDWIS, migrating the data you choose with the simple click of a button
  • Water system inventory updates can be performed before, during and after an onsite survey
  • Inventory data is loaded into SWIFT Surveys at the beginning of the survey so the agency keeps the master copy of record in its database until submission
  • Agencies using this application play a part in continuing to make it dynamic
  • We will adjust the standardized software in order to meet the needs of your district offices
  • Uses email messaging to support collaboration between team members
Comply / Report
  • Provides a solution to the forgotten issues migrated to a compliance database
  • Issues that migrate to the compliance database are tracked in SWIFT Surveys, enabling the agency to create follow-up activities and indicate that issues have been resolved
  • Comes with complete reports, charts, graphs, PDFs, and Word documents that are fully customizable to your agency’s needs
What's Included

GEC has been working with government agencies for over 20 years. We’ll work closely with your agency to make the financial process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We also offer discounts when you subscribe to multiple project-based applications. Here’s what you can expect in your production package each year:

  • Full access to the entire SWIFT Surveys suite of software
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Assured compatibility with modernized SDWIS
  • Responsive Web Application with companion iOS, and Windows Mobile apps for offline survey completion
  • Continuous improvements and new features
  • Monthly releases accompanied by solid documentation and live webinar demonstrations
  • High quality cloud hosting including multiple user accounts and all bandwidth required for all users to utilize the system 24x7

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