Enforcement Tracker (ET)

The ET application is the go-to platform for state agencies that want to consolidate and efficiently manage enforcement projects.
ET supports the state agency’s enforcement strategy and inspires collaboration among all parties who are working to return water systems to compliance. We help you help them.

  • User Friendly
  • Intuitive
  • Secure enterprise-class software solution
  • Built on sound agile development practices
Enforcement Tracker Highlights

ET updates compliance activities, as well as associating enforcement actions, to return violations to compliance. This gives you the power to keep SDWIS up to date within one application.

  • One location for project management, compliance schedule activities, agency work flows, calendar events, timelines and violations.
  • Assign documents and attachments to specific events and workflows.
  • Address the association of deficiencies and sanitary defects to a water system
  • Emails can be customized to deliver information about a specific water system
  • Create customized enforcement letters or status reports of ongoing projects
  • Create tasks and action items based on violations that are unique to your agency’s requirements
  • Customize your own workflow tasks and role permissions
  • Send notifications, reminders and alerts to internal collaborators, as well as to water systems for events
  • View and export the progress of an enforcement project using the timeline tracker feature
  • Dashboard displaying significant metrics
  • Integrates with SDWIS for points of contact, enforcement information, deficiencies and violations
  • New information can be migrated back to SDWIS with the click of a button
What's Included

GEC has been working with government agencies for over 20 years. We’ll work closely with your agency to make the financial process as smooth and stress-free as possible, and also offer discounts when you subscribe to multiple project-based applications. Here’s what you can expect in your production package each year:

  • Continuous improvements, including new features inspired by you and other Enforcement Tracker subscribers
  • Frequent releases accompanied by solid documentation and live webinar demonstrations
  • High quality cloud hosting including multiple user accounts and all bandwidth required for all users to utilize the system 24x7
  • Ongoing training and support upon request
  • Assured compatibility with modernized SDWIS

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